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What services do you offer?

Whats wrong with my sprinkler system?

1.My controller is no longer working?
Could be a number of things: Bad Fuse, Transformer not any good, Electrical issues.

2.One of my stations/zones are not coming on?

Maybe a bad valve: such as a worn out diaphragm, bad solenoid, bad connections.

3.My system seems to have low pressure?

Your system may have low water pressure depending on if you have two or one water meter. The sprinkler heads may have bigger nozzles than what they need to run correctly.

4.One station/zone has really low water pressure?

Maybe a broken head on that zone, or a break in the line.

5.I have no water when I turn my controller on?

More than like the water has not been turned on properly yet. If so, then it may be the controller.

Whats wrong with my sprinkler system?

1.Why should I use you?

If your not satisfied, neither am I. I strive hard to statisfy all of my customers. I want all of them to feel as though they are my only one. I will always respond fast, and make sure I do anything at a timely manner. Don't call a company and wait for them to make time for you, Contact Irrigation Solutions.

2.Can you provide me with year round service, such as: spring start-up and witerization?

Yes I can, and all the in between.

3.Why Should I have you Start-up my sprinkler system?

I check every station/zone throughly. To ensure there are no breaks that could cost you money. I set up your controller with the proper times for for each station and also any set up any special times for your system. This is all for one low price. 

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